Team Airofin

Interested in joining Team Airofin?

We are a group of like minded athletes who compete in a number of sports from triathlon, cycling, swimming, CrossFit and running. We encourage people to be active in sport no matter what it is they do and encourage a healthy body and a healthy mindset. We want to inspire and motivate our team to be the best they can be and provide the most relevant information and advice to perform at their highest level. 

What are the Benefits of becoming part of Team Airofin?

“We want our team to be an extension of our family and create an environment that positively inspires each and every member”

* We provide our team members with a 30% discount which can be used throughout the year. You are able to purchase anything from our online store and with a unique code you are able to get discount on every purchase. 

* Be featured on our social media pages (InstagramFacebook / Youtube

* Access to our private members group  - where there is training and race information as well as discussions from fellow team members in regards to training, races, nutrition and much more. It is a place where all our team members from all over the world connect and inspire each other.

* Access to our online team Airofin coach that will be able to provide you with race tips and training information and advice. If you have any questions for the team coach all you have to do is raise the question in the members group and they will get back to you on the group to share insightful tips and advice.

* Awesome product discounts from some of industry partners including nutrition partners, cycling shoes, bike wheels, wetsuits and sunglasses to name a few. (We aim to build this out further as our community grows with more exciting brand partners)

* Get to see what's coming in to the Store before anyone else and provide feedback on new products and product development ideas and suggest new products for us to bring into the range.

* Opportunity to attend one of our training camps which we are running this year. We are looking to run a camp in Europe, Australia and also North America in 2019.

* Opportunity to test some of our new releases before anyone else.

* A 10% discount code for friends and family - Once you get the code you are able to distribute it to any one you want. We are looking at putting an effective affiliate member programme in place.

We are continuously developing our product offering as well as our partnerships with other related sports companies from nutrition to specialised equipment. It is a really exciting time to be part of the growing team where we want to connect athletes from all over the world and inspire them to develop. 

If you are interested in joining the team get back to us on and let us know a little about yourself.