10 Minute Home Workout

10 Minute Home Workout

If you are short on time, hate the gym, or too tired to exercise after work then we have you covered. 

We have created a series of 10 minute workouts to try at home. None of these workouts require any equipment and only take 10 minute of your time but give you a great sweat on. 

Check the workout here; 

10 Exercises;

45 Seconds Work - 15 seconds Rest

1) 2 x Press up + 8 x Floor Run

2) High Knee's

3) V-Sits

4) Tricep Dips

5) Heel Flicks

6) Crunch - Knee's to Elbow

7) Shoulder Press Up's

8) Scissors

9) High Knee's to Elbows

10) Press Up's