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The Exquisite League of the 0.1%

This isn't just a membership; it's an achievement earned through unrelenting dedication. You won't find your way in with a swipe of a credit card; you'll forge your path through sweat and unwavering commitment.

In a world saturated with shallow displays of opulence, Airofin stands apart. We're not about flaunting mindless extravagance, but about celebrating the embodiment of hard-earned success. No more glorifying the exorbitant price tags of so-called "luxury" brands. That's not what true accomplishment looks like. That's just an empty pursuit.

Becoming part of Airofin is a testament to your perseverance. It's not as simple as buying a membership; you need to demonstrate your worthiness through an application process that separates the determined few from the rest. Our garments don't just adorn anyone; they grace those who have already scaled the summit of the 0.1%.

Regrettably, we must turn away more aspirants than we can embrace. Not everyone can meet our stringent criteria. So, when you don the emblem of Airofin or catch sight of someone who does, it's a symbol of relentless toil and indomitable spirit.

But what exactly is the criteria? Picture it akin to the rigors of the Marines. Applying is just the first step; you must excel in a battery of tests that scrutinize every facet of your prowess. Fail to meet our exacting standards, and the gates remain closed. Succeed, and you enter the ranks of the most elite, the most finely honed individuals.

We evaluate across a spectrum of criteria, each submission a testament to your mettle: 

- 5K Run Time 
- 1K Row Time 
- Bench Press - 5 Rep Max
- Deadlift - 5 Rep Max
- Squat - 5 Rep Max
- Shoulder Press - 5 Rep Max
1K Ski Erg Time 
- 20K Cycle Time 


This is Airofin – not just a brand, but a society of the triumphant, where entry is a privilege earned by the relentless and celebrated by the exceptional. Will you rise to the challenge?

Airofin Mountain Climb 

(We do ask for filmed footage and links to your strava for the run and the cycle to ensure you have actually hit those times and weights.)
If you are interested in applying then send an email with your times to Info@airofin.com

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