18 Minute Abs (Workout 2)

18 Minute Abs (Workout 2)

Each week we are going to be adding a new 18 minute ab workout. These workouts don't just target that stubborn belly fat they work the whole body and can be done anywhere. It is a great workout for the whole body whilst really targeting the core region which are some of the most essential stabilisation muscles in the whole body. 

As mentioned previously high intensity workouts are the perfect way to develop that lean physique over time. We know having great looking abs does take time, training hard, some cardio and, of course, eating clean meals. Great abs, therefore, start in the kitchen. So it is crucial to try and cut out fried foods, sugars, refined and processed foods, alcohol, and even dairy, which is high in saturated fats. That means eating more natural foods like fruit and vegetables protein, lentils, brown rice, wholegrain breads, nuts and of course drinking lots of water.

Of course the other key to looking lean and showing stomach muscles is a hell of a lot of high intensity training and some cardio. We suggest mixing up your routine and doing intervals instead of lots of slow steady cardio. We have put together another intense 18 minute high intensity Ab workout which does focus on the core and mid region but also develops muscles in the legs, arms, chest and shoulders. So it is a complete workout and is great at burning body fat.

The workout consists of 18 exercises - each exercise being one minute in duration.

Watch the video below and give it a go 3 or 4 times a week. (We have also wrote the workout below as well so you can give it a go anywhere)



- High Knees

- Over the Mountains 

- Raised Arm crunch 

- 4 Lunges 8 Runs

- Russian Twist to knees

- Arm wipers leg gates

- Ski Ab Jumps 

- Right Leg (In, Out, Up Down) 

- Left Leg (In, Out, Up, Down)

- T Kicks

- Ankle Taps 

- Over the top Scissors

- Raised Arms with High Knees

- Low Plank with Star Jump Legs

- High Plank Cross overs 

- 1, 2, 3 Heisman 

- High Plank Side Crunch

- 2 Press ups, 8 floor runs