5 Fitness Professionals That Are Actually Worth Following on Social Media.

5 Fitness Professionals That Are Actually Worth Following on Social Media.

Navigating the fitness landscape can be a minefield with its fair share of harmful fads, senseless workouts, misinformation, and misleading videos. Amidst the chaos, finding genuine fitness professionals can be like discovering hidden gems. If you're on the lookout for credible guidance, here are five legends in the fitness realm who truly stand out:

1. Paul Olima: The Comedic Athlete! 🚀

🏉 Former rugby pro turned satire comedian!
😂 Showcases and ridicules some of the most idiotic gym stunts 
🌟 Check him out if you are not easily offended

Why Follow Paul?

Provides a very real take on everything around gym and fitness. Loves taking the mic out of ridiculous workouts and training sessions. If you can't have a laugh and are easily offended then this guy is maybe not one for you. But if you enjoy a bit of comedy and want to see this former pro athlete crush some big weights then he is one to follow. 

Join the party - follow @PaulOlima now! 


2. James Smith: The Candid Fitness Maverick! 💪

🌟 Renowned Personal Trainer whilst calling out the BS in the fitness industry
💼 Turning fitness jargon into realism, one hilarious post at a time.
😂 Have a laugh with James at some of the crap that comes out of the fitness industry

Why Follow James?

James provides no-nonsense wisdom - He tells it like it is. He encourages people to start embracing balance in life whilst ignoring all of the fitness fads out there. You will get brutal honesty from him so if you can't handle a bit of banter then maybe he is not one for you. His mantra is more around a healthy balanced lifestyle rather than crushing your fitness goals. 

Follow @JamesSmithPT for a daily dose of fitness reality! 

3. Ollie Marchon: Your Fitness Coach! 🏋️‍♂️

🔥 Fitness Enthusiast & Coach Extraordinaire! What this guy doesn't know isn't worth knowing
🚀 Transforming workouts into epic challenges all backed by science

Why Follow Ollie?

Ollie is a true professional in an industry which is filled with a lot of hot air. Ollie creates results-driven workouts - No shortcuts, just real gains. He is your daily boost of motivation - to get up and train harder than you are doing. He creates and provides tailored fitness plans along with his own supplements and clothing range. He is also responsible for the programming for the ATHX Games. 

Ready to level up your fitness game? Follow @OllieMarchon now! 

4. Hunter McIntyre - Your Hyrox Champion 

🚀  The absolute machine of endurance events 
🌟 Get insights into his work ethic and what it takes to be a world champion.

Why Follow Hunter?

He is a bundle of energy that showcases some of the workouts he hits, the races he usually wins, along with the podcasts he features on. Always brings good energy and helps you understand just what it takes to get to the top of the leaderboard at the Hyrox event. He is also the current world record holder and world champion of the Hyrox event at Pro division.

Follow @hunter here

5. Jake Dearden - The Endurance King

🚀 Master of Endurance & Hyrox Workouts!
😁 Get ready for a daily dose of punishment from his workouts

Why Follow Jake

Jake provides some of the ultimate Hyrox workouts which are specific for smashing the Hyrox. He is the head coach at Represent Gym and showcases some of the epic workouts which you can give a go yourself. He is also the current world record holder of the most Hyrox events completed in 2 days - 11 over the two day period with all of them being under 1 hour 25 which is insane. He has completed some insane challenges including 3 marathons on 3 continents in a week as well as marathons and ultramarathons. 

Follow @JakeDearden for more inspiration here