8 Week Hyrox Training Programme

8 Week Hyrox Training Programme

Hyrox is a rapidly growing fitness event and competition that challenges participants in various physical and mental disciplines. Inspired by the word "hybrid" (combining different elements), Hyrox combines functional exercises, endurance, and strength challenges to create a unique and comprehensive fitness experience. It's designed to push athletes to their limits and test their all-around fitness levels.

The Hyrox workout consists of: 

Hyrox Workout


To train for a Hyrox event a huge amount of focus needs to be on running segments. A Hyrox event is made up of 8K worth of running in 1K intervals. This means that the run is the place where the race can be won or lost. 

An 8 week Training programme we have adopted here in the build up to Hyrox is as follows: 

Monday - Weights Workout 

12 reps of 3 sets (Superset the exercises)


Bench Press

Bent Over Row


Military Press 

Barbell Squats 


Lunges (12 each leg) 

Pull Ups

Tuesday - Fast Paced Run ( Week 1 - 5K // Week 2 - 6K // Week 3 - 7K // Week 4 - 8K // Week 5 - 7K // Week 6 - 6K // Week 7 - 5K // Week 8 - 4K))

Wednesday - Weights Workout (Same workout routine as Monday)

Thursday - Slow paced run (Zone 2) Circa 10K

Friday - Weights Workout (Same workout routine as Monday)

Saturday - Hyrox Workout - (Practice completing the whole Hyrox Workout) 

The whole workout again... 

Sunday - ACTIVE REST DAY (Light Swim / Light Cycle / Light Row) 

Use this day to take some pressure of the leg joints. Something that is low impact and doesn't put any pressure or tension on the ankles or knee's as they will be going through a lot with the intensity of weights and running.


If you need a full day of rest to recover take out the long slow pace run on a Thursday. Listen to your body. If it needs the rest make sure you give it some recovery. 

This training programme is intense but it is designed for athletes to look at competing for the top spot.