Airofin 18 Minute Ab Workout 3

Airofin 18 Minute Ab Workout 3

Each week we are going to be adding a new 18 minute ab workout (At least we will try). These workouts aren't just to build a strong core they are designed to provide an intense whole body workout which can be done anywhere without any equipment. 

We know having great looking abs does take time, as well as intense training some cardio and, of course, eating clean meals. Great abs, therefore, start in the kitchen. So it is crucial to try and cut out fried foods, sugars, refined and processed foods, alcohol, and even dairy, which are high in saturated fats. That means eating more natural foods like fruit and vegetable protein, lentils, wholegrain, nuts and of course drinking lots of water.

Endless hours of crunches won't help you achieve that strong core. Developing a solid core region comes from completing a number of compound movements and exercises, a clean diet and a healthy and active lifestyle. So start the day with this 18 minute ab workout and it will set you up to achieving that strong core. 

The workout consists of 18 exercises - each exercise being one minute in duration. You can rest at any point throughout the workout. Just take a few seconds and then get back into it. 

Watch the video below and give it a go a few times a week. (We have also wrote the workout below as well so you can give it a go anywhere)

Please comment on the video and let us know what you think and give us a thumbs up if you enjoyed ;) 


The Workout 

- High Knees

- V-Sits

- Lying Leg Twist 

- Floor Runs

- Lying Leg Raise

- High Plank Star Jump Legs 

- Squat Jumps 

- Walkouts 

- Low Plank Star Jump Legs 

- 8 Runs then Down Up

- Russian Twist 

- Bicycle Legs 

- High Knees / Elbow to Knees

- 2 Press up / 8 Floor Run 

- Flutter Kicks

- Heel Flicks

- High Plank Knee to Elbow 

- Squat Thrust