How to Choose the Perfect Cycling Jersey!

How to Choose the Perfect Cycling Jersey!

Finding the right cycling jersey can be a difficult task, especially in a world where there is so much choice in terms of design, fit and style.

"Selecting the correct apparel is important, not just in cycling but in every sport." However with a cycling jersey there are a lot more considerations to take into account, as getting it wrong can put you off getting on that saddle. Road jerseys come in various fits and fabrics to suit different styles and conditions of riding.

Even though all cycling jerseys are engineered to ensure you’re comfortable on the bike, prices can vary considerably and you can pay anything from £60 – £150 for a good jersey. If you think you’ll be able to get away with wearing that cotton t-shirt on your next 30-mile Sunday galavant, do think again!

What are the reasons for wearing a cycling Jersey?
• They are designed with wicking fabrics that help regulate your body temperature, preventing you from overheating.
• You are able to carry all the necessary accessories required for a ride with specially designed pockets that are easy to access while cycling along with zip pockets to keep your valuables.
• More recently jerseys are being constructed from material that protect you from the sun’s harmful rays. Thats why our Jerseys are all UPF 50. It’s quite easy to get caught out in the UK, so this is a great addition to check for.

With more cycling attire on offer than ever before, we have some points to take away when choosing the perfect cycling jersey.

There is nothing worse than an ill-fitting jersey that flaps around in the wind. The majority of our jerseys are race fit and are fairly snug - we recommend taking a look at our size guide if you decide to go for one of our fantastic Airofin Jerseys. Admittedly road jerseys are tighter fitting than your usual sports clothing to make you more aerodynamic and to aid the wicking process. If you’re not keen on this skin tight feel, make sure you look for a jersey with a more casual fit like our winter edition cycling Jerseys.

It’s also worth noting that European brands tend to come up on the small side, so if you’re purchasing online from us then remember to once again look at the size guide and maybe order the size up.

Another consideration is sleeve length. It may seem crazy to buy a short sleeve jersey in the midst of winter, but it’s a versatile item that can be teamed with either arm warmers when you set off with a nip in the air, or combined with a long sleeved base layer when you know it’s going to stay cold all day. If you regularly ride in colder climates then having a long sleeve jersey in your cycling wardrobe won’t harm you.


Consider your exertion levels on the bike, if you heat up quickly, look for a high performance wicking fabric with mesh panels for speed cooling down the sides and under the arms. Most of our jerseys have great wicking fabric however our Alpha and Breeze cycling jerseys have an extra ventilation mesh panel under the armpit.

Technical Details
The rear of the jersey should have an extended tail to cover your lower back when you’re bent over in the riding position. It’s also worth looking for jerseys that include a gripper all the way round the inside of the hem to stop movement when you change position on the bike. Our Jerseys all contain the gripper to make sure your top doesn’t ride up your body when cycling. A full-length zip will also provide easier access to the braces of the bib shorts over a 3/4 or half-length zip.

Whether you enjoy leisurely rides or dabble in a bit of racing, it’s advisable to have at least 3 rear pockets on your jersey to carry all the requisite necessities for a spin, from puncture repair kits, keys, phones and maybe some cash for that half time coffee. If you can find one with a zippered fourth pocket, well that’s a bonus, but it’s not a deal-breaker. 

If you are looking for an advice on our jerseys or any of our apparel please do not hesitate to contact us at - we will get back to you within a few hours to help out as much as we can. 

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