How To Cycle Faster

How To Cycle Faster

If you are looking to turbocharge your cycling speed we provided some sneaky tips that will give you that added edge without having to spend thousands on the latest bike.

1. Incorporate some HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

Don’t just hit the road! Adding in a short HIIT session with not only boost your endurance it will you maintain faster speeds for longer periods of time. Doing continuous endurance rides will only really develop your slow twitch fibres but HIIT training helps you call on your high speed fibres. HIIT as we have discussed in previous blogs also helps your body to tap into your fat stores to refuel which make it a more efficient fat burner.

2. Optimise your Aerodynamics

Positioning on a bike can be crucial for speed. For example at 20mph two thirds of a riders effort is used to overcome air resistance. If you can learn to ride with your forearms flat and hands on the lever hoods or TT bars, making sure your shoulders are tucked in then you can really limit air resistance on the bike.

3. Increase Vitamin B intake

Vitamin B found in foods such as whole grains, dark green vegetables and fortified cereals to name a few, allow your body the ability to build muscle and produce oxygen carrying blood cells. So Vitamin B is crucial for a combination of speed and endurance.

4. Learn to Push out more

The best way to ensure you finish strong is to train your muscles to perform even when you are depleted. So when you are in the squat rack instead of calling it quits after your last rep - add in a drop set where you lower the weight slightly and squeeze out a few more reps.

5. Add in Plyometric Training to your Schedule

Plyometrics training which consists of explosive movements such as box jumps, skips or other hopping exercises are so valuable when it comes to be able to access that much needed power which can be transferred into speed. Simply add a few sets of box jumps or high jumps into your workout to be able to gain access to that hidden power. 

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