How to Run Like a Pro

How to Run Like a Pro

When you see a pro triathlete on the run, its hard to imagine that they have completed a swim or cycle already. 

So what is it that makes a pro triathlete look so smooth and effortless?

Work on your ground contact time.

The ground contact time is the time that your foot spends in contact with the ground between each stride. It is your ability to apply force quickly and efficiently. There are a couple of things that can help improve your efficiencies in ground contact time; 

- Incorporate plyometric training into your training programme. (Plyometric training is quick, powerful movement that starts with an eccentric action followed by a concentric action.)

- Add some fast intervals / sprints at the end of your training session. 

Focus on Posture

Running after the bike can tighten the hips and effect posture when running. You should focus on aligning the head, shoulders, hips and legs to keep you tall and balanced.

Focus on Where Your Foot Lands

If you look to shorten your stride with your feet landing beneath your hips this can help you run in a more efficient and streamlined position. Obviously if you are shortening your stride slightly you will need to increase your cadence to keep the pacing up.

Run with a slight forward lean 

You need to focus on a slight lean from the ankles and not the hips - this can be developed with core strength exercises. If you are not sure how to strengthen the core take a look at our Core workout here. You do not want to be slouching the shoulder forward but a slight lean forward will help you propel forward. 

If you are running with tension in your shoulders it can restrict your breathing and prove to be uncomfortable causing too much of a lean forward . Relax your fingers, drop your shoulders and try not to tense up and this will help your posture. 

If you have any other tips then let us know. 

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