Some Alternatives to the Birmingham Hyrox 2024

Some Alternatives to the Birmingham Hyrox 2024

Missed out on snagging one of those coveted Birmingham Hyrox tickets for 2024? Don't let that derail your entire training regimen for the year! While the whole Hyrox Birmingham scandal of 2024 might feel like a plotline straight out of a Netflix series (seriously, it's that much of a circus), let's not wallow in the disappointment. Instead, let's pivot and explore some equally exhilarating and challenging events happening throughout the year.

Think of it as an opportunity to diversify your athletic portfolio and discover new events that could easily slide into that empty spot on your "Birmingham Hyrox" calendar. So, lace up your shoes, dust off your gear, and let's venture into the realm of alternative events that are just waiting to be conquered! Who knows, you might stumble upon your next favourite adrenaline rush while leaving the Hyrox drama in the rearview mirror.

AHTX Games

So first up we have the ATHX Games which is a fairly new fitness competition that encompasses 3 parts. Strength segment, endurance segment and a Metcon workout. This is split into 3 segments with a rest station in between. The workouts are programmed by Marchon and test your overall strength & fitness levels. It really is an event that anyone with reasonable fitness levels can partake in, there is no difficult movements and has a great energy & atmosphere on the day.  

The workout for this year is as follows:

Strength Segment:

Deadlift - 5 Reps

Shoulder to Overhead - 3 reps

Endurance Segment:

You go I Go

- 5K Run

- 1K Ski Erg

- 2k Row

-5k Cycle

Person A starts on Ski Erg, once finished they get onto the runner. Once Person B has finished the Row, Person A goes onto the Bike. 

Person B starts on the Runner. Once Person A has finished the Ski, Person B goes onto the Rower. Once finished the Row Person B goes back onto the Runner. 

The final segment is a Metcon workout consisting of Dumbbell shoulder to overhead &. snatches, Box Jumps, Sandbag Carries, Sandbag Squats and Burpees.

The events and dates are listed below:

Athx Games London - 13th April

ATHX Games Glasgow - 1st June

Athx Games Birmingham - 31st August

Athx Games Liverpool - 26th October

Athx Games Open (Birmingham) - 7th December

We can see this event getting a lot more popular with bigger participation and audiences over the next year or two. 


Next up we have The Turf Games

The turf games began in 2017 as a series of casual workouts at different gyms and studios across London. Turf Games grew from here being one of the most inclusive competitive functional fitness events; filling the void between more 'highly skilled' events already in existence and one dimensional events such as runs.

The games are done in teams - either same sex or multi sex teams. The workouts do vary however you can expect to find exercises such as deadlifts, Dumbbell carries, Shoulder to Overheads, run, cycle, ski erg, air bike, cleans, wall balls, burpees, rope climbs, box jumps, pull ups, toes to bar, sled push and more. 

There is always a great atmosphere at the events and are certainly ones to add into the mix. 

Turf Games Farnborough - 17th Feb 

Turf Games London -15th June

Turf Games Glasgow - 31st August 


Next Up is the Superhuman Games


Launched in 2013 the Superhuman Games is now recognised as the UK's ultimate outdoor functional fitness and endurance event. 

Participants take part in 5 workouts throughout the day, with each workout requiring you to complete as many laps as possible of a specific task within a 20 minute time cap. The workouts are uniquely designed to be completely open to all abilities, allowing first time competitors to take part in the event alongside seasoned superhuman games athletes!

The 5 segments are broken down into the following;

VO2 Max
An all out lung buster, usually involving running, rowing or rucking.

Unconventional Beast
A multiple carry workout using unconventional objects such as logs, kegs, sandbags and more!

The Assault Course
Simple: smash out as many laps as possible of our 800m military style assault course.

Strength & Honour
This workout usually involves a bit of heavy lifting, Superhuman-style! So expect movements like Tyre Flips, Tyre Pulls, Tyre Drags and Heavy Sandbag work!

Brutal Beat Down
A workout that is always fast and furious, using bodyweight and full body movements to test your mobility as well as functional endurance.

Superhuman Games Bristol - 29th June


Hopefully some of these can fill that empty void in your heart. 

Compete Hard!