The 4 Best Race Finishes EVER!

What we saw from the Brownlee brothers the other day was simply inspirational. Granted, everybody likes to win and that's exactly what the Brownlee's try to achieve every race, but to see that kind of sportsmanship, loyalty and compassion in the sport of triathlon is great to see. It was truly amazing to watch the way the two brothers, who train together every day fight together until the end. 

There has been some spectacular race finishes throughout sporting history and that was definitely up there as one of the most eventful. With Jonny needing to secure victory in the race, for the chance to top the table in the world triathlon series, and collapsing with 700m to go made it a spectacle to watch. At Airofin we decided to go through our archive of race finishes to pick out the best of all time 


We have found the 4 best race finishes EVER!