The Airofin Challenge

The Airofin Challenge

Airofin is in the process of assembling an elite team comprised of the most exceptionally fit and robust athletes globally. The prerequisites for admission into the esteemed Airofin Elite Team are exceptionally stringent, transcending the conventional notions of mere fitness, strength, or power. We seek individuals who embody the pinnacle of all these attributes.

It is worth noting that the selection process for this exclusive team is arduous and highly competitive. Out of a pool of 500 applicants aspiring to join the team, a mere three have successfully met the rigorous criteria, making our acceptance rate less than 1%. This statistic underlines the rigour and exacting standards we uphold in forming our team.

If you believe you possess the exceptional qualities required to become a part of our elite team, we invite you to contact us with your performance metrics, including the following:

For Verification:

  • We will require visibility to your Strava account, showcasing your run time to validate.
  • In addition, we will need a clear photograph of the data display for your Row and Ski Erg times.
  • Furthermore, we kindly request a video submission that unmistakably demonstrates your weight, repetitions, and form during Bench Press, Deadlift, Squat, and Shoulder Press exercises.


  •  5K Run Time 
  • 2K Row Time 
  • Bench Press - 5 Rep Max
  • Deadlift - 5 Rep Max
  • Squat - 10 Rep Max
  • Shoulder Press - 1 Rep Max
  • 1K Ski Erg Time 
  • Hyrox Time (If you have completed one)

We are committed to assembling the worlds most elite team of unparalleled athleticism and capability , and we look forward to discovering individuals who meet our exceptionally high standards. If you believe you are among this elite few, we encourage you to reach out and demonstrate your qualifications.

For anyone who makes the cut will receive a FREE Airofin Team top which will not be available to purchase EVER. To gain one you have to simply be accepted. 

Apply with your results to: