The Best Strength Exercises for Runners

The Best Strength Exercises for Runners

Recent studies have shown that runners that add weight training into their workouts can run faster and for longer periods of time. 

We know that for a lot of runners, when it comes to training they would rather hit the roads or the treadmill rather than building up a sweat lifting weights. Unfortunately for those athletes, recent studies have shown that lifting weights can help run faster and further. It is essential to combine the both running and weight training in the right way. 

Research has shown that runners who lift weights use less energy and oxygen when they are running which means they can run faster for longer. Strength training in general has been proven to improve running economy by increasing power meaning you can stride more efficiently, requiring less energy to move along with injury prevention.  


How much weight should runners be lifting? 

Lifting light weights improves muscle endurance which running actually does, this is why it is recommended to lift heavier weights for 3/4 sets with around 10 repetitions per set. Lifting slightly heavier allows for the muscles to get stronger and running will prevent the athlete from getting too big and bulky. 

The best time to do weight training is after a run, never before a hard running session. Studies show that a runner needs at least 24 hours recovery after a strength session before they take up their next run. 


(3 sets of 10 reps on each exercise)

- Split Leg Squat (10 reps each leg)

- Pull Ups

- Squats 

- Deadlift

- Kettle Bell Swing


- Box Jumps - (20 reps)

- Plank (1 minute hold)

- Single Leg Hops (20 each leg)

- Jumping Lunges (20 reps)

- Plank (1 minute hold) 

- Jumping squats (20 reps)

Repeat over twice