The London Bike Show and 4 Companies Worth Looking Out For.

The London Bike Show and 4 Companies Worth Looking Out For.

We spent the day down at the London Expo on Thursday this week and spoke with a number of companies that were all doing there own thing in the cycling world.

There were a few companies in particular that we were really impressed by, so we have done a bit of a review on the companies and products we saw. If you are down at the London Bicycle expo over the course of the weekend then be sure to go and check them out.

1) Dolan Bikes

The stand that these guys had at the London Bike Show was second to none. It looked like a real professional set up and some of the bikes they had on display were what dreams were made of. As well as this the pricing of the bikes was fairly competitive. They have one shop in Ormskirk UK and sell primarily online. They had a great selection of bikes with some really great looking road bikes and a few absolutely beautiful triathlon bikes. Apparently they are a still a family run business so their approach seems really friendly, positive and helpful.

2) Lumos Helmets

Lumos Helmets are the first of a kind integrated lighted helmet, providing safety and fashion. They Provide a helmet with lights that can flash left and right for signalling which is activated on the handlebars. A great design piece which has already won a number of awards for design. This could well and truly be a life saver for cycling commuters. A fairly simple idea in theory but also a genius one.

3) A Bloc Bicycle Beer

The event’s drink of choice was the A Bloc Bicycle Beer which I honestly have to say was amazing. I wasn’t expecting much, I thought it may have been more of a marketing hype than real quality beer and how very wrong I was. I’m the sort of guy that prefers something in between a larger and an ale and it was exactly that. It wasn’t too hoppy like an ale but it wasnt too fizzy like a lager, it was exactly in between smooth crisp and fairly light. If it is was sold in more shops then it would be our drink of choice over any of the main stream largers or ales. I take my hats of to these guys as it was truly terrific.

4) Naked Runner Sunglasses

These Guys Have a great selection of sunglasses, perfect for cycling, running or competing in triathlons. They are really stylish and ultra durable. The team are really friendly and have a real passion for providing the best quality eye wear for their end user.

These are our top 4 picks of the show - there were some other brilliant companies there but these were the ones that really stood out for us.

If you are down at the London bike show this weekend be sure to check them out.