Three of the best exercises that you should be adding to your weekly workouts

Three of the best exercises that you should be adding to your weekly workouts

There are a number of exercises that provide a whole host of benefits but we have put together the top 3 exercises to include in your weekly workouts. 


Skipping is one of the best exercises for torching fat. Skipping requires 24% more power than running at the same speed so in short you will be burning more calories.

People often think there is only one way to skip with a rope but there are so many ways to vary up the workouts. You can try integrating double unders where you jump higher to allow the rope to pass under your feet twice before landing, these can take slightly more skill and technique than normal skipping. You could also try increasing the tempo of single skips or even try adding a weighted vest or using a weighted rope. All these variations will transform the workout and add a new element to the session.



Burpees are a total body exercise that builds explosive power in the lower body whilst also increasing that heart rate. Burpees are a great exercise to incorporate for a number of reasons from torching fat and burning calories, helping improve strength in the arms as well as the chest, quads and hamstrings.

Burpees can be done anywhere and are a great way to get in shape no matter whether you are training for a hike a new sport or even a triathlon. There are other variations you can add to the burpee as well, including but not limited to burpee into a pull up, burpee into a knee jump, burpee into a box jump. These again will provide a different element to the exercise.



Deadlifts are known as the king of the compound exercise. They are one of the best exercises for improving strength especially in the lower back and the glute area. Strong glutes transfer to better endurance, better power and also there is a link to pain prevention.

Deadlifts work many muscles across the body which trigger a cascade of hormones from testosterone to growth hormone which are great for building muscle.

You should try and incorporate all these exercises into your weekly workouts to bring your training to the next level.