Top 5 Gifts for a Cycling Enthusiast!

Top 5 Gifts for a Cycling Enthusiast!

It is that time of the year again, where the winter has well and truly set in and Christmas creeps ever closer. If you are struggling to think of gifts for that special cyclist in your life then take a look at our suggestions for the top 5 gifts, which will no doubt leave a smile on the face of that special someone.

1. Strava Premium Package

Strava is free, and the majority of cyclists are already ever present on the social fitness site. However Strava Premium is a subscription service that offers a few extra features making it that little bit more special. One feature is the Strava Live Segments, which works with Garmin Edge and Smartphones. The rider will be alerted when a segment they are interested in and when it starts they will be able to track their pace compared to their PR, their friends and King of the mountain.

There is also the Route Builder, which uses Strava’s enormous database to suggest routes based on what’s popular with cyclists. For example, a rider can just click on the map from here to there, and Strava will fill in the route based on what cyclists ride. It’s handy for riding in new areas. A really thoughtful gift for that cyclist who loves statistics.

2. Smart Phone Bike Mount

If like us you use all the sports trackers possible to see the statistics of your cycles then phone bike mount can be the perfect gift. It allows you to access features such as Google Maps from your handlebars or sports tracker so you can reach your destination. It’s also useful for using your smartphone as a very advanced bike computer.

A relatively cheap gift idea and one that could be added as a stocking filler.

3. Velgo X4 Lights

This wrap-around bike light can be worn like a backpack or fitted over one. It may not seem like the most exciting Christmas present ever, however during these dark days there is nothing more important than a cyclists safety for when they are riding through the unlit streets.

It is a great gift for the safety conscious cyclist!

4. Go pro

Lets be totally honest most cycles aren't worthy of being filmed. However, sometimes riders do find themselves somewhere beautiful, and wouldn’t it be great if they could get some footage without a lot of fumbling around with buttons and menus?

Well thats exactly what the Go pro Hero 5 Session has been added for. A single button press turns it on and starts recording. Press it again and it’s off. Really simple and even something your Grandparents could work.

Theres a 4K video, voice control and a little blinking light to let users know it's rolling.

5. Airofin Cycling Kit

We couldn't finish this list without adding the most essential of Christmas gifts. (wink wink) Now, if you are a really good Friend / Husband / Wife / Mother / Father / Daughter / Son / Uncle / Auntie etc, then you would be thinking the ultimate gift for any cycling enthusiast is a fresh new kit. The excitement of opening the box, unwrapping a pristine kit and putting it one before dashing out to get on the bike. There is nothing like it. So put a smile on that loved one and take a quick peek at our range.

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