Top 6 Cycling Holidays!

Top 6 Cycling Holidays!

The Winter is well and truly here in the northern hemisphere and what better way of looking into 2018 than planning a cycling holiday. There’s simply no better way to explore a country than to cycle through its hidden little-known treasures that you will stumble upon route. There are a number of amazing locations to head to if you are looking for the ultimate cycling holiday however we have put a list together of our top 6.

The USA has a number of awesome states with heaps of road cycling routes to choose from. One of the best ones to recommend is the California Central Coast route which is one of our personal favourites. Starting in the wine region of Paso Robles (We do recommend that you avoid going to these wineries before getting on the bike as it is rather difficult to refuse some of the exquisite wines you can sample - trust us) cyclists will pedal past extinct volcanoes, white sand beaches, farming towns and canyons en route to the finishing point in Santa Barbara. A fairly easy route, the 350 kilometres are recommended to be completed in six days. There are lots of great places to stay along the route and depending on the distance you are looking at covering each day you can find places to stay that are very reasonably priced.


Marrakech is probably not the first destination that comes to mind when you think of cycling holidays however taking in the beauty of the Atlas Mountains, the calm of the Zagora oasis and the vastness of the Sahara desert there is plenty to see and explore on the the ten day road cycle tour of Toubkal. It promises cyclists stunning scenery and beautiful riding. There is a 425 mile loop which follows Morocco’s highest roads passing from the mountains to the desert and back again. The cycle can be challenging at times with some uphill segments but plenty of lengthy descents along the route.


Colombia believe it or not is increasing in popularity as a cycling destination and with its untouched Andean highlands and dramatic mountains, it’s sure to head to the top of the list very quickly. I am not sure what the popularity of Narcos has done for the country - however Colombia has come a long way over the years becoming a lot safer destination. To get there before everyone else does, embark on a ten day ride across the Emerald Mountains guaranteed to be one of the most peaceful and remote trails you’ve ever ridden.


Next up is the magnificent island of Sardinia, just off the coast of Italy. Featuring limestone ridges, deep gorges and breathtaking white sand beaches surrounded by crystal-clear blue seas, you’ll have gorgeous scenery a-plenty to look at while riding around this wondrous island. This idyllic island boasts several exciting cycle routes featuring ancient ruins, abandoned mines and even colonies of pink flamingos, found in Sardinia’s riveting Sinis wetlands.

The Lakes of Lombardy take you from Italy to Switzerland along the edge of Lake Maggiore and Lake Lugano which finishes with a lovely downhill segment to Lake Garda. An absolute stunning cycle with some crazy scenery and plenty of opportunities to sample fine wine and food. This is a six day tour which is perfect for everything from novice to experienced riders.

Beginning just south of the Thai capital, the Bangkok to Phuket cycle route crosses from the east to the west of the tropical Thai-Malay peninsula. Five hundred and thirty one miles of stunning coastal and limestone mountain scenery await as you cycle past colourful Buddhist temples, through national parks and along seemingly endless beaches. The route ends in the stunning holiday island of Phuket, the perfect spot for that well-earned rest at the end of eight days cycling.