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    A New Partnership

    A New Partnership

    Airofin Athletic has formed a partnership with Pulsin to allow the Airofin Team a great discount from their website on their products. 

    We here at Airofin only work with partners that we believe in and we are so stoked to be offering our team members a great discount on the Pulsin website. 

    Being advocates of a plant based diet, we wanted to form a partnership with a protein company that offers products containing  high-quality natural ingredients, which never compromises on taste, and never adds anything artificial (including GM ingredients). Their range of natural protein bars, plant-based protein powders and healthy treats are designed to:

    • Give you a sustained energy release
    • Strengthen your immune system
    • Make you feel fuller for longer
    • Support healthy body function
    • Boost your brainpower
    • Enrich your life

    These are all key components which our Airofin Cycling and triathlon team look for. 

    Pulsin has won several accolades from The Natural and Organic Awards and a gold star from Taste of the West in 2014 for its raw blueberry Beond Bar. It was also a finalist in the best innovative food service in the 2013 Taste of Gloucestershire Food and Farming Awards. 

    The discount will be available to all Airofin team members. Applications for the team are still open and you can still apply here.

    Team Airofin!

    5 Ironman events you just HAVE to do! :)

    5 Ironman events you just HAVE to do! :)

    Are you signed up for an ironman event in 2017 yet?

    If not we have come up with the Top 5 Ironman Events that should be on your bucket list.

    1. Ironman Coeur d'Alene - in Northern Idaho. With the swim in the glacier-fed lake and the two loop bike course starting along the lake shore it is a perfect setting for an Ironman triathlon. Natural beauty, moderate difficulty makes this one a must do. The swim is meant to be fairly cold, so a wetsuit is required. Along with this the water can still be a little choppy, even though it is in a lake. The cycle course has a few difficult climbs whilst the run course is fairly fast with a few tough climbs thrown in there. A well supported event and one that should be considered! If you want to know more about the race check out this Ironman Coeur D'Alene course review by @maslife 

    2. Ironman Western Australia - (Busselton). With the swim in the Busselton jetty and the cycle being flat and fast followed by a run with lots of spectating opportunities this course has to be on the bucket list. The water is fairly clear making visibility good, however as expected there is a lot of competition for space in the water. There is usually a light sweeping wind on the bike section, which can slow down the bike times. The run can be pretty hot however the course is great for spectators, giving you a lot of support as you go round. If you are looking for an Ironman in Australia this is one to put on the list. Check out this race report Ironman Western Australia 


    3. Ironman 70.3 St. Croix - based on the U.S Virgin Island. With warm tropical waters, a steep climb on the cycle and a run around a golf course this event is one that should definitely be considered. The swim does not allow for wet suits however it is usually fairly calm. With the bike course being a loop of the island, there is plenty of opportunity to see a few sights however with a few steep hills you might not be able to take it all in. The run course starts on the tarmac, then onto the resort where temperatures soar. A great event to take part in and one for the bucket list. Check out the race report on Ironman 70.3 St. Croix by Slowtwitch.


    4. Ironman European Championship - (Frankfurt). Located in Germany in the quiet waters of Langener Waldsee followed by a cycle around Frankfurt and a run with a flat fast course, this one is a great event to participate in and also one for spectators. The swim course begins with a rolling start releasing around 20 swimmers every 10 seconds. The bike section of the race contains a few hills with some good scenery through Frankfurt. Finally on to the run, with 4 loops of the course and being relatively flat it is a great course and one which gets lots of fantastic spectators. For more on the course check out this post Ironman European Championship by Absolute Triathlon Coaching. 

    5. Kona - Ironman Championship. The most iconic event in the triathlon world. With the barren lava fields of Kona, strong crosswinds and a scorching sun beating down it doesn't sound all that fun, but this is the race of all races. The race every athlete dreams of making. I am sure we don't need to speak much about this race as pretty much everyone has heard the tales of this race however check this race review out on Kona - Ironman Championship by Inspire Out


    How to Choose the Perfect Cycling Jersey!

    How to Choose the Perfect Cycling Jersey!

    Finding the right cycling jersey can be a difficult task, especially in a world where there is so much choice in terms of design, fit and style.

    "Selecting the correct apparel is important, not just in cycling but in every sport." However with a cycling jersey there are a lot more considerations to take into account, as getting it wrong can put you off getting on that saddle. Road jerseys come in various fits and fabrics to suit different styles and conditions of riding.

    Even though all cycling jerseys are engineered to ensure you’re comfortable on the bike, prices can vary considerably and you can pay anything from £60 – £150 for a good jersey. If you think you’ll be able to get away with wearing that cotton t-shirt on your next 30-mile Sunday galavant, do think again!

    What are the reasons for wearing a cycling Jersey?
    • They are designed with wicking fabrics that help regulate your body temperature, preventing you from overheating.
    • You are able to carry all the necessary accessories required for a ride with specially designed pockets that are easy to access while cycling along with zip pockets to keep your valuables.
    • More recently jerseys are being constructed from material that protect you from the sun’s harmful rays. Thats why our Jerseys are all UPF 50. It’s quite easy to get caught out in the UK, so this is a great addition to check for.

    With more cycling attire on offer than ever before, we have some points to take away when choosing the perfect cycling jersey.

    There is nothing worse than an ill-fitting jersey that flaps around in the wind. The majority of our jerseys are race fit and are fairly snug - we recommend taking a look at our size guide if you decide to go for one of our fantastic Airofin Jerseys. Admittedly road jerseys are tighter fitting than your usual sports clothing to make you more aerodynamic and to aid the wicking process. If you’re not keen on this skin tight feel, make sure you look for a jersey with a more casual fit like our winter edition cycling Jerseys.

    It’s also worth noting that European brands tend to come up on the small side, so if you’re purchasing online from us then remember to once again look at the size guide and maybe order the size up.

    Another consideration is sleeve length. It may seem crazy to buy a short sleeve jersey in the midst of winter, but it’s a versatile item that can be teamed with either arm warmers when you set off with a nip in the air, or combined with a long sleeved base layer when you know it’s going to stay cold all day. If you regularly ride in colder climates then having a long sleeve jersey in your cycling wardrobe won’t harm you.


    Consider your exertion levels on the bike, if you heat up quickly, look for a high performance wicking fabric with mesh panels for speed cooling down the sides and under the arms. Most of our jerseys have great wicking fabric however our Alpha and Breeze cycling jerseys have an extra ventilation mesh panel under the armpit.

    Technical Details
    The rear of the jersey should have an extended tail to cover your lower back when you’re bent over in the riding position. It’s also worth looking for jerseys that include a gripper all the way round the inside of the hem to stop movement when you change position on the bike. Our Jerseys all contain the gripper to make sure your top doesn’t ride up your body when cycling. A full-length zip will also provide easier access to the braces of the bib shorts over a 3/4 or half-length zip.

    Whether you enjoy leisurely rides or dabble in a bit of racing, it’s advisable to have at least 3 rear pockets on your jersey to carry all the requisite necessities for a spin, from puncture repair kits, keys, phones and maybe some cash for that half time coffee. If you can find one with a zippered fourth pocket, well that’s a bonus, but it’s not a deal-breaker. 

    If you are looking for an advice on our jerseys or any of our apparel please do not hesitate to contact us at - we will get back to you within a few hours to help out as much as we can. 

    Team Airofin


    Give Back Friday!

    Give Back Friday!

    It's that time of year again, where shoppers will punch, kick, and even stab. Yes you heard us right, stab another person, just to get there hands on the last TV set in the store. 

    It's Black Friday!

    We have decided for our first black Friday we are going to do things a bit different. Yes! we will be still giving discounts out on our online store, however 10% of our Sales from Thursday to Monday will be donated to the Charity Re-Cycle Bicycle. Yes that's 10% off our sales online going to re-cycle Bicycle charity :) We like to call it "Give Back Friday"

    Re-Cycle Bicycle are a charity that works in partnership with six organisations across seven different African countries. They provide bikes to various African countries to help local communities increase access to opportunities, whether that be economic, educational, social or personal. Not only this but they connect workers with employment, students to schools, patients to healthcare and everyone to friends and family. 

    A bike can be so much more than just a luxury training expense to these people, it can provide so much more. 

    If you want to know more check out the video below or check out their website 


     Re~Cycle supports this model of social-entrepreneurship, using a business model to achieve a charitable income.

    Thanks in advance and please feel free to share!

    Team Airofin

    Top 5 Gifts for a Cycling Enthusiast!

    Top 5 Gifts for a Cycling Enthusiast!

    It is that time of the year again, where the winter has well and truly set in and Christmas creeps ever closer. If you are struggling to think of gifts for that special cyclist in your life then take a look at our suggestions for the top 5 gifts, which will no doubt leave a smile on the face of that special someone.

    1. Strava Premium Package

    Strava is free, and the majority of cyclists are already ever present on the social fitness site. However Strava Premium is a subscription service that offers a few extra features making it that little bit more special. One feature is the Strava Live Segments, which works with Garmin Edge and Smartphones. The rider will be alerted when a segment they are interested in and when it starts they will be able to track their pace compared to their PR, their friends and King of the mountain.

    There is also the Route Builder, which uses Strava’s enormous database to suggest routes based on what’s popular with cyclists. For example, a rider can just click on the map from here to there, and Strava will fill in the route based on what cyclists ride. It’s handy for riding in new areas. A really thoughtful gift for that cyclist who loves statistics.

    2. Smart Phone Bike Mount

    If like us you use all the sports trackers possible to see the statistics of your cycles then phone bike mount can be the perfect gift. It allows you to access features such as Google Maps from your handlebars or sports tracker so you can reach your destination. It’s also useful for using your smartphone as a very advanced bike computer.

    A relatively cheap gift idea and one that could be added as a stocking filler.

    3. Velgo X4 Lights

    This wrap-around bike light can be worn like a backpack or fitted over one. It may not seem like the most exciting Christmas present ever, however during these dark days there is nothing more important than a cyclists safety for when they are riding through the unlit streets.

    It is a great gift for the safety conscious cyclist!

    4. Go pro

    Lets be totally honest most cycles aren't worthy of being filmed. However, sometimes riders do find themselves somewhere beautiful, and wouldn’t it be great if they could get some footage without a lot of fumbling around with buttons and menus?

    Well thats exactly what the Go pro Hero 5 Session has been added for. A single button press turns it on and starts recording. Press it again and it’s off. Really simple and even something your Grandparents could work.

    Theres a 4K video, voice control and a little blinking light to let users know it's rolling.

    5. Airofin Cycling Kit

    We couldn't finish this list without adding the most essential of Christmas gifts. (wink wink) Now, if you are a really good Friend / Husband / Wife / Mother / Father / Daughter / Son / Uncle / Auntie etc, then you would be thinking the ultimate gift for any cycling enthusiast is a fresh new kit. The excitement of opening the box, unwrapping a pristine kit and putting it one before dashing out to get on the bike. There is nothing like it. So put a smile on that loved one and take a quick peek at our range.

    We know it gets expensive around Christmas and all the presents start to add up - so here is 10% OFF your first purchase. ;) Just use code NEW10

    Take a look at some of our awesome Gifts HERE!